Anais is 10 and loves to be tickled and feel the wind in her face. Her absolute favorite place to be is on her swing - on the sailboat, that would be a chair-hammock. Anais has a brain condition which causes her to have many seizures or epilepsy, impairing her ability to walk, talk or do any simple tasks most of us do daily. Her love and smile radiate and can make just about anyone fall in love with her!

Anais requires a lot of our assistance to feed her, bath her, dress her and help her stand but she is certain to be happy wherever we go. Since her family loves to travel and be adventurous, she comes along for the ride and hardly ever complains. You can catch her on a mountain bike trail in the Burley trailer laughing and having a good time or walking across the beach in a backpack excited by the kite her dad is carrying and the wind in her face.