Global gypsy and bastardized citizen of the world, Andreas soon realized that there were better wind and waves than the ones on the lakes around Madrid and Zurich where he grew up and went to college. After spending some time in California, he fell in love with the place and in particular, with Sophie. After a 7 year long distance relationship between Madrid and Santa Barbara, then Zurich and Paris, and lots of traveling in between, they decided to move together and live in the same country. After 3 years in Spain, they backpacked around the world for some extended time and later settled in Long Beach, CA.

Andreas is passionate about the environment and how people interact with it all over the world. He loves his family even more than the amazing jobs he has had and convinced them to drop everything to chase the dream of sailing with their son and disabled daughter. Besides spending time as a family, the goal is also to prove that a non-verbal, wheelchair-bound child shouldn't prevent you from pursuing your dreams and living life to the fullest as a family. The hope is to inspire other people and families in similar situations.