The crew and Shift made it safely to Las Palmas on January 1 at about 4am - perfect timing to ring in the new year. Although after 6 days out at sea they ran out of energy to participate in the local festivities. We were relieved that the passage went well and to get the details of the trip.

The first 3 days were calm and the water as glassy as a lake. They said one day there were so many dolphins they lost count. Andreas could even hear them on his night watch jumping and splashing around the boat. The following 2 days were much different as the wind and swell picked up. They had gusts of up to 42 knots and waves cresting and splashing over the flybridge... probably was a good thing to not have the kids on board. They made it through and arrived in the packed marina with no where to dock except in front of the gas station. 

They've got a few days to repair and get things back in order. The weather isn't looking favorable to start the Atlantic crossing so hopefully something will open up and they can get going.

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